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Of course you want a GREAT wedding!


You also want a SOLID FOUNDATION for your marriage. You want to feel comforted, equipped, and empowered to build a vibrant, solid life-long relationship.


Like many couples, you've been thinking about~


  • What will be different as you settle into a routine as a married couple

  • How decisions about family, jobs, even where you live will impact your relationship

  • What will happen as your lives & relationship changes & evolves over the years



Though many couples have strong role models for their lives as married couples, many do not. And even those who DO have good support and role models will need to navigate these experiences for themselves.



But you don’t have to do it alone.



I’ve been working with couples just like you for over fifteen years to address the issues that really matter:

  • Communication

  • In-laws

  • Money

  • Intimacy

  • And more



I’ll work with you to discover your unique strengths as a couple that give you a solid foundation for married life while addressing the areas for growth.



Here’s what a couple of my clients have said about working with me:


From our first conversation with Henry, we felt really good about working with him for pre-marital coaching. The sessions were valuable, relevant, and thought-provoking. We really felt Henry’s support throughout the whole process. He encouraged us and challenged us to reflect on our relationship in ways that really helped prepare us for marriage. -E.P.



We were introduced to Henry by a friend and felt immediately comfortable discussing our relationship, our goals and preferences for our wedding ceremony and creating a plan together. He was understanding and absolutely respectful. -L.Z.




If you are ready to start your life as a married couple on a SOLID FOUNDATION


CONTACT ME TODAY to schedule a complimentary 30-minute discovery session

to see if Pre-Marriage Coaching is what you need to start your journey off RIGHT

Build a Solid Foundation

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